Sailing along the coast of Galician

Aviles have definitely delivered more than we expected. The city is so nice , atmosphere very relaxed and the food….. delicious. I even found a cafe called Fika. Wonder if the owner has Swedish connections? Think we gain a kilo or two. Time to sail away and eat less at least during the sailing

The waves are 1-2 meter high and very long between them so it very smooth. We are sailing close to land. Which gives opportunity to se land. Next stop Ribadeo.

We woke up at 6 to cast off but is was to dark and a bit foggy so we waited in hop of the sun to go up soon. We gave up and left the harbour just befor 7. Still dark but good that there are lighthouses to help us navigate . The hole day was very foggy inland but we had clear sight. After half way we got company by a little bird who moved around on the boat and stayed with us all the way to ACoruna. Only 3 nm we spotted orcas… the pulse went up when we saw them slowly coming behind us but they didn’t come our way…..It was very nice to approach ACoruna and dock at the jetty.

Having four nights to clean the boat, clothes washing, exploring the city, getting in to this late night eating. Hard to get food before 20.00.Edgar bike around with me so I could have a swim in the ocean, it was my first swim in the ocean since we left Sweden. Lots of boat in the harbour and four of us doing the ARC.

Sunday morning we where 11 boats that decided to go together. Some more boats join us. We saw some dolphins but didn’t get a great picture so I also share one from one of the other boats. On one of mine you just see them under the water. There was a lot of birds having a meeting and many that join them. If you some in there is something fishy going on… not sure what it is

First we saw an island and then it was gone. The fog was with us all the way to Muxia where we have docked and will stay for some nights.

Seeing land felt very nice

Hugs Eva

Crossing Bay of Biscay

Thursday 18 aug at 8 in the morning with a bit help from the marinas rib boat we leave Camaret-sur-Mer to cross bay of Biscay When we reach the strait we get 3 extra knots due to the tidewater.

In the afternoon we reached our friends from OSK, Aegir and Tiger Lilly . They had started a bit early than us. We missed Aura since the turn in to explore a bit more of France before they cross bay of Biscay.

We had 2 great days and nights on the sea. I even could do some knitting. The second night we had clear sky with lots of stars and the moon who shined up the sky.

We hade dolphins comming and playing around our boat several times. So here is a video

Saturday morning we can see land. The waves crash against the rocks.

Here we will stay two or three nights before we move slowly along the coastline. Looking forward to see what Aviles have to offer. So far a very cute city

Hugs Eva

We took us over to France

New cables was drawn between the steering and the garage(instruments above the sliding door). Everything works again so after an early dinner we cast off at 6pm Friday 12 Aug. Bye bye Plymouth and thank you Mayflower Marina for a great place in the marina. The high tide is a bit rough just outside Plymouth . It makes the boat dance a bit and slows down with 2 knots. When we pass the lighthouse we hardly can see the wave breaker as we did when we came in. Well outside the bay we hoist the sails and enjoy the wind and the calm sea.

It is a nice sunset and a lovely moonlight all night long and then the sun came up and we continued having a lovely day. For the first time we produced our own water.

In the morning we arrived to France and are (motor)sailing along the coast of Bretagne. Near the coast we spotted some dolphins. They was a bit far away from us but I got some photos of them. Getting between an small Iland and land the tide is against us . This time it was not for long

We arrived to Camaret-sur-Mer in the afternoon. It’s a very cute small village with lots of cafes and restaurants along the seasid.

The harbour is full and also have lots of older ships. also a sailing parade pop Here we will stay for a few days until we have a good wind and weather before we cross the bay of Biscay.

Hugs Eva

New problem

So we woke up at five and decided to leave. Edgar turn on all our instruments and some of them didn’t work… No auto pilot, wind measure, dept,speed etc. The navigation plotter was working but we didn’t want to leave without the auto pilot working.

The Marina was very busy but the promised to come and help us on next day. Edgar started to open up and see if he could find som loose ends but nothing. So at the moment the boat is upside down again.

I had notice that there was a sailmaker nearby so I went ther and bought some fabric and made 2 bags for our bikes since we didn’t recive any when we bought them. We also decided to do a new clean up in the big storage since it was still smelling after the tank leaking we had in Oban.

In the afternoon the technician came to help us. After three hours opening all places , following cables they found the problem. The cable between the steering place and the instruments above the door was having a break. Tomorrow morning we will make a new cable and everything will hopefully be ok again. The wiring of the system is all connected to each other, if one fails all goes down (except our second autopilot that is totally separate as a back up)

Good that we have plenty of time

The tie really make this place look different. In the picture is Princess boat yard that builds the yachts.

Hugs Eva

Milford haven to Plymouth

The weather forecast was looking good so we left Milford haven at 10 when the look was open. Full focus on air plains and tankers before we could enjoy the sea and our dolphins friends. Althoug I was not feeling so great. Should have taken the scopoderm. The waves was coming in from the sides and I really don’t like that.

The night and morning watch was lovely. It is hard to understand the distance to other boats in the dark so it is very nice to have the raymarin to show you how close/far away they are

Arriving to Plymouth and we are moorings at the jetty…. at Mayflower Marina. Third time we got a good place and Edgar finally could drink up his beer.

Now we have three days to prepare before we cross the Biscay bay and get to Spain. Baking , changing oil, getting bikes ect was on the agenda

On Monday our friends Kia and Beja on Liana came to Plymouth so we went in to town to have dinner with them.

Tuesday 9 August is the day we became parents 33 year’s ago. That was so fantastic and life changing. Happy Birthday Erika. We love you so much❤️. We did celebrate the day in the evening after preparing with food and getting the boat ready to cross the Biscay bay . I also manage to fix bags for the bike to go foodshopping.

So when you read this we are probably on our way sailing to Spain and A Corona. This part will take us 3 days . Time to put on the scopoderm and go to bed. We start around five in the morning…

Hugs E&E

Largs to Milford haven

After long weekend home seeing family and friends, been to Tuvalisa and David’s lovely wedding it was time to go back to Largs and continue our sailing.

In the afternoon our friends Linda,Kalle,Marita and Leif arrived. The boat got filled up with food, wine, and lots of laughter. Our first stop was going to Belfast so 07.55 we cast of heads south west. Still no wind so we had to go by motor. We arrived at Bangor Marina at 19 so we had a long day at sea. Luckily we had decided to stay two nights so we could explore the area a bit.

We was recommended to go to the Titanic museum in Belfast. It was only an hour away from the harbour with walking and train. The museum was very interesting and we also recommend to go when every you are in Belfast

Next leg was going to be a bit longer so we had a very early start. 04.55 we left the harbour and arrived at 19 in Holyhead. It is a hard life being on the sea for some of us. I didn’t feel very well so I stayed in bed most of the day. Got some fever and sour throat.

Holyhead Marina was destroyed by the storm Emma in 2018 so the Marina was under construction so no piers to tigh up to in stead we had to stay by a towboat buoy.

The next morning we needed some more food. So the gang went in the dinghy and rowed in to Holyhead in the rain and me and Edgar stayed in the boat.

In the afternoon we decided to cast of and headed out of the harbour. Me, Linda and Marita had put on scopoderm at lunch so we are prepaired for the ruff sea we have ahead of us. It was a very though night. High waves up to 3-4 meter. Edgar took most of the watch during night. Due to Kalle got really seasick and Leif was not felling so well either. Me and the girls was okey. The positive was that we all saw dolphins.

After 24 hours we arrived to Milford haven. It was very nice to touch ground again. Kia and Berra on Liana was greeting us welcome. I am still not hundred procent well and now Edgar started to shiver. He had got my cold. Linda Kalle Marita and Leif decided to leave us since we had to stay for a few days before we could go further down. They ended up in France for a few days before the went home to Sweden

I took care of the washing. It took me two whole days , but now everything is clean. Edgar fixed little with the boat and we had nice dinner guest over. One more day to relax and get ready for our next leg on the journey and make sure Edgar is better.

Hugs Eva