Milford haven to Plymouth

The weather forecast was looking good so we left Milford haven at 10 when the look was open. Full focus on air plains and tankers before we could enjoy the sea and our dolphins friends. Althoug I was not feeling so great. Should have taken the scopoderm. The waves was coming in from the sides and I really don’t like that.

The night and morning watch was lovely. It is hard to understand the distance to other boats in the dark so it is very nice to have the raymarin to show you how close/far away they are

Arriving to Plymouth and we are moorings at the jetty…. at Mayflower Marina. Third time we got a good place and Edgar finally could drink up his beer.

Now we have three days to prepare before we cross the Biscay bay and get to Spain. Baking , changing oil, getting bikes ect was on the agenda

On Monday our friends Kia and Beja on Liana came to Plymouth so we went in to town to have dinner with them.

Tuesday 9 August is the day we became parents 33 year’s ago. That was so fantastic and life changing. Happy Birthday Erika. We love you so much❤️. We did celebrate the day in the evening after preparing with food and getting the boat ready to cross the Biscay bay . I also manage to fix bags for the bike to go foodshopping.

So when you read this we are probably on our way sailing to Spain and A Corona. This part will take us 3 days . Time to put on the scopoderm and go to bed. We start around five in the morning…

Hugs E&E

Författare: saphirafstockholm

Saphir af Stockholm is our boat that will take us around the world

6 reaktioner till “Milford haven to Plymouth”

  1. Så spännande att följa er🤩🥰
    Hur länge stannar ni i Spanien?
    Och vart i Spanien?
    Kommer segla runt i Medelhavet?
    Hoppas ni får en härlig resa mot Spanien 🙏🥰❤️/Ia


  2. Vilken underbar resa ni gör🤩grattis till er! Vi kom hem till Monte Estoril igår efter underbara 10 dagar i Stockholm☀️ Lova att ni hör av er när ni kommer ner till oss, vore så kul att ses🙏Meddela via Messenger🥰 Segla försiktigt över Biscaya😘❤️

    Gillad av 1 person

    1. Vi har nu tagit över oss till Frankrike och hoppas att vi ska kunna segla över biscaya på torsdag 🌊sedan kommer vi att göra korta turer ⛵️längst med spanska och portugisiska kusten. Vi lär nog vara nere någon gång i sep. ☀️Är ni kvar då?? ✊😘❤️

      Gillad av 1 person


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