Finally we are on our way

As we arrived to Henån and Orust yacht service they started to repair our boat and ordered spare parts that was broken. Everything didn’t arrive before Midsummer so we had to wait until late monday to get the generator to arrive. We left over the weekend to celebrare Midsummer in the archipelago

During the waiting days the weather was okey so I used the time in the harbour to do some sewing. It turn out to be very productive time. I made two table cloths, one apron of wax fabric, 3 covers for seat cushions, one cover for the anchor winch and one cover for our folded wagon.

Since we are going to be on the sea for 3 days I prepared dinner for us to just heat up and so did my cousine Carina which is our new crew member that will join us to Scotland.

Now we are leaving 10.55 on Tuesday 28 June

Here is the route plan

Hugs Eva

Turning back to Henån

We arrived to Arendal around lunch time. Me and the girls took a walk up to the city to get some things and stretch our legs. Back on the boat Edgar got an email from our insurance company. They told us to turn back to Henån to get everything repaired by Orust yacht service.

We had a dinner at the restaurant by the harbour before we cast off. It will be a long night….. 14-16 hours sailing across the Skagerrak.

Hugs Eva

We got help

Thursday morning Edgar email Orust yacht once again and at 8.30 we had help. This time it was a full day to fix everything so we have electricity in the boat. The result is that we had to get a new AIS (the equipment that make us see other boats and they can see us in our navigation plot) the charing of our battery is not working fully as it should also need some new things to our water maker to make it work again. These things will come later when we are in Stavanger we hope. Luckily they had an AIS in Henån so Edgar drove done to get it while the guy from Orust yacht continued fixing other things on the water maker. Now we will test and see what works and what don’t.

The weather was nice so me and Elise took a walk to the bathing cliffs and I took a dip (17degrees) It was not many gelly fish as the day before .

We had a very nice sunset befor an early bedtim due to an very early start to go to Kragerö in Norway. We left the harbour at 03.30 and it was calm . Coming out of the archipelago we got the wrong wind and sea from the side so quite rough. Happy that I could get back to bed and sleep.

Arrived to Kragerö/Morholmen at around lunchtime which means it took us 9hours to get there. Resting fixing sleeping dinner at Deborah and Magnus place. After brunch we went in to Kragerö for some shopping, Louise arrived from Stockholm in the afternoon. Pick up by Magnus brother and their mother that kindly took her to us since the bus connection didn’t wait for her. In the evening we had a lovely dinner at Morholmen together with some of the family and friend.

Hugs Eva

Not the best start!

The weather was nice, a bit cold but sunny and not so much wind so it was better to go by motor so we wouldn’t be to late in Lysekil. The sea was a bit rough for 15 min and that made some chaos in the boat. But it was easy to clean up.

I am not sure if it is a good idé to have Elise on board when we start our sailing. Every time she has join us from start something happens with the boat so also this time…. Or maybe it is good because we are close to the Henån service and can get help… so what happen ?? Arriving to Lysekil the bow thruster stop working. Edgar made sure that we didn’t have anything in our bow thruster with the help of our go pro and a stick. And as this was not enough, in the morning the engine didn’t start. Luckily one of the guys from Henån came up to help us. We started to prepare so he could get down in the front of the boat by emptying the storage space. That’s where you can get to the bow thrust engine on. Luckily it was an easy fix and we could continue our sailing

We sailed for a while but not when we went through Sotenäs Canal. A very narrow canal with a bridge that kindly open when we came

Almost at Bovaldstrand our electricity died….. nothing was working no light no navigation so we had to do it the old fashion way using charts… or Edgar used his ipad to navigate the last way. We got safe in to the harbour and are moored with electricity from land. and got electricity from land.

So let’s see what happens now. Hope to get some help tomorrow….

To be continued …

Hugs Eva

Arriving to Henån

Thursday afternoon we arrived to Saphir. To make sure that we could get everything with us we rented a one way trailer. We manage to fill it up and had a few things in the car as well.

First everything needs to get out of the car so a picture can be taken on all things in front of the boat . Some clothes had to be hanged on the boat.

The sorting and organising have begun. This will take time…. And that we have

A leak under the sink in our bathroom needed to be fixed. Glad that the leak was now and not later.

From now on you will easier find our boat in a harbour. We have a flag with our logo and the ARC tour flag on.

Today Sunday is the day to cast off according to our plan, but due to some delivery that are delayed, some instructions help from the yacht service we didn’t manage to on Friday, instruction help on our new satellite and that this organisation of everything takes time we have postponed our cast off from Henån.

We will start …. Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning . In the meantime here is some information about our sailing and a picture of the Henån harbour we are.

Hugs Eva