Not the best start!

The weather was nice, a bit cold but sunny and not so much wind so it was better to go by motor so we wouldn’t be to late in Lysekil. The sea was a bit rough for 15 min and that made some chaos in the boat. But it was easy to clean up.

I am not sure if it is a good idé to have Elise on board when we start our sailing. Every time she has join us from start something happens with the boat so also this time…. Or maybe it is good because we are close to the Henån service and can get help… so what happen ?? Arriving to Lysekil the bow thruster stop working. Edgar made sure that we didn’t have anything in our bow thruster with the help of our go pro and a stick. And as this was not enough, in the morning the engine didn’t start. Luckily one of the guys from Henån came up to help us. We started to prepare so he could get down in the front of the boat by emptying the storage space. That’s where you can get to the bow thrust engine on. Luckily it was an easy fix and we could continue our sailing

We sailed for a while but not when we went through Sotenäs Canal. A very narrow canal with a bridge that kindly open when we came

Almost at Bovaldstrand our electricity died….. nothing was working no light no navigation so we had to do it the old fashion way using charts… or Edgar used his ipad to navigate the last way. We got safe in to the harbour and are moored with electricity from land. and got electricity from land.

So let’s see what happens now. Hope to get some help tomorrow….

To be continued …

Hugs Eva

Författare: saphirafstockholm

Saphir af Stockholm is our boat that will take us around the world

En tanke på “Not the best start!”

  1. Tur i oturen att ni fått problemen redan nu, hoppas allt teknikstrul löser sig snart. Synd att vi missar er i Bovallstrand. Lycka till!



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