Largs to Milford haven

After long weekend home seeing family and friends, been to Tuvalisa and David’s lovely wedding it was time to go back to Largs and continue our sailing.

In the afternoon our friends Linda,Kalle,Marita and Leif arrived. The boat got filled up with food, wine, and lots of laughter. Our first stop was going to Belfast so 07.55 we cast of heads south west. Still no wind so we had to go by motor. We arrived at Bangor Marina at 19 so we had a long day at sea. Luckily we had decided to stay two nights so we could explore the area a bit.

We was recommended to go to the Titanic museum in Belfast. It was only an hour away from the harbour with walking and train. The museum was very interesting and we also recommend to go when every you are in Belfast

Next leg was going to be a bit longer so we had a very early start. 04.55 we left the harbour and arrived at 19 in Holyhead. It is a hard life being on the sea for some of us. I didn’t feel very well so I stayed in bed most of the day. Got some fever and sour throat.

Holyhead Marina was destroyed by the storm Emma in 2018 so the Marina was under construction so no piers to tigh up to in stead we had to stay by a towboat buoy.

The next morning we needed some more food. So the gang went in the dinghy and rowed in to Holyhead in the rain and me and Edgar stayed in the boat.

In the afternoon we decided to cast of and headed out of the harbour. Me, Linda and Marita had put on scopoderm at lunch so we are prepaired for the ruff sea we have ahead of us. It was a very though night. High waves up to 3-4 meter. Edgar took most of the watch during night. Due to Kalle got really seasick and Leif was not felling so well either. Me and the girls was okey. The positive was that we all saw dolphins.

After 24 hours we arrived to Milford haven. It was very nice to touch ground again. Kia and Berra on Liana was greeting us welcome. I am still not hundred procent well and now Edgar started to shiver. He had got my cold. Linda Kalle Marita and Leif decided to leave us since we had to stay for a few days before we could go further down. They ended up in France for a few days before the went home to Sweden

I took care of the washing. It took me two whole days , but now everything is clean. Edgar fixed little with the boat and we had nice dinner guest over. One more day to relax and get ready for our next leg on the journey and make sure Edgar is better.

Hugs Eva