We took us over to France

New cables was drawn between the steering and the garage(instruments above the sliding door). Everything works again so after an early dinner we cast off at 6pm Friday 12 Aug. Bye bye Plymouth and thank you Mayflower Marina for a great place in the marina. The high tide is a bit rough just outside Plymouth . It makes the boat dance a bit and slows down with 2 knots. When we pass the lighthouse we hardly can see the wave breaker as we did when we came in. Well outside the bay we hoist the sails and enjoy the wind and the calm sea.

It is a nice sunset and a lovely moonlight all night long and then the sun came up and we continued having a lovely day. For the first time we produced our own water.

In the morning we arrived to France and are (motor)sailing along the coast of Bretagne. Near the coast we spotted some dolphins. They was a bit far away from us but I got some photos of them. Getting between an small Iland and land the tide is against us . This time it was not for long

We arrived to Camaret-sur-Mer in the afternoon. It’s a very cute small village with lots of cafes and restaurants along the seasid.

The harbour is full and also have lots of older ships. also a sailing parade pop Here we will stay for a few days until we have a good wind and weather before we cross the bay of Biscay.

Hugs Eva

Författare: saphirafstockholm

Saphir af Stockholm is our boat that will take us around the world

En tanke på “We took us over to France”

  1. Hejsan Eva o Edgar!
    Vi följer er på ert stora äventyr runt vår jord och önskar er all lycka på färden. Björn o Elisabet Zeuthen.



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