Sailing along the coast of Galician

Aviles have definitely delivered more than we expected. The city is so nice , atmosphere very relaxed and the food….. delicious. I even found a cafe called Fika. Wonder if the owner has Swedish connections? Think we gain a kilo or two. Time to sail away and eat less at least during the sailing

The waves are 1-2 meter high and very long between them so it very smooth. We are sailing close to land. Which gives opportunity to se land. Next stop Ribadeo.

We woke up at 6 to cast off but is was to dark and a bit foggy so we waited in hop of the sun to go up soon. We gave up and left the harbour just befor 7. Still dark but good that there are lighthouses to help us navigate . The hole day was very foggy inland but we had clear sight. After half way we got company by a little bird who moved around on the boat and stayed with us all the way to ACoruna. Only 3 nm we spotted orcas… the pulse went up when we saw them slowly coming behind us but they didn’t come our way…..It was very nice to approach ACoruna and dock at the jetty.

Having four nights to clean the boat, clothes washing, exploring the city, getting in to this late night eating. Hard to get food before 20.00.Edgar bike around with me so I could have a swim in the ocean, it was my first swim in the ocean since we left Sweden. Lots of boat in the harbour and four of us doing the ARC.

Sunday morning we where 11 boats that decided to go together. Some more boats join us. We saw some dolphins but didn’t get a great picture so I also share one from one of the other boats. On one of mine you just see them under the water. There was a lot of birds having a meeting and many that join them. If you some in there is something fishy going on… not sure what it is

First we saw an island and then it was gone. The fog was with us all the way to Muxia where we have docked and will stay for some nights.

Seeing land felt very nice

Hugs Eva

Författare: saphirafstockholm

Saphir af Stockholm is our boat that will take us around the world

En tanke på “Sailing along the coast of Galician”

  1. Fåglarna bör betyda att det finns tumlare eller delfiner i närheten. Vi fick lära oss härom veckan att fåglarna utnyttjar tumlarnas ”fiske” alltid blir det nån bit över.
    Önskar er fortsatt god tur!

    Gillad av 1 person


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