Tuamotos island Raroia

We arrived just after lunch and was the only boat anchored outside the village . After a while two more boats arrived but none from the ARC. The afternoon we spent cleaning the boat and just relaxing on the boat. This must be the most magical sunset I have seen so far. The water was so calm and shinning as a mirror and the colours changed during the sunset.

The next day we went in to explore the island and also to see if we could get some grocery and find a restaurant. After been guided in different directions a nice teenager took us to the shop. There was not much fresh fruit and vegetables but we got some potatoes for our herring on Easter and some new fishing gears. Let see if we get some fish.

Looking at you shadow you realise how high the sun is since the shadow is very short. Most off the houses take advantage off the sun and have solar panels we also saw it on top of the street lights. Can you see what’s hiding behind the palm. Lots of them running around free on the island

In the evening we had dinner with Alex and Rebecca from CasiqueV and all 4 from Hoka Hey. There was no restaurant on the Island but the grocery store owners wife invited us to her house where she made dinner for all of us. We had a lovely meal and a great evening. No photos taken accept on the two paintings that her daughter had made

The day after we went across the bay to see if we could do some snorkelling and maybe find the place where Thor Heyerdahl stranded with Kontiki. It was a bit tricky to cross over the atoll due to all the pearl farms bouys that we had to watch out for. We found a nice spot and I pumped up my sup board.

I paddled in to land and the guys took the dinghy. We took a walk along the shore and saw lots of eremites crabs and really huge ones and some very tiny . Look closely to the video and you will se the tiny seashells moving..

An other lovely sunset and a moon rise and once I can take a picture of the moon. It is very bright and give us good light in the night. Which is extra nice when we are night sailing and have this extra light.

Next morning an others snorkelling tour at the beach and this time I brought my go pro so I can take photos and film under the water

Next Island is longer than a day sail so we decided to leave in the afternoon to arrive early in the morning..So after our snorkling and a lunch we hoist the anchor. Just before that we get some small lemon sharks visiting us since Edgar gave them som leftovers. On the way out we meet Amanzi.

The opening is tricky but gladly we can follow our old track coming in and we are safe.

On the outside the dolphins are waiting for us and joins for bit. It is the same dolphins that greeted us when we arrived. Or at least one of them since it had a big spot behind the eye

Hope you enjoyed the reading and the pictures. Hugs Eva

Författare: saphirafstockholm

Saphir af Stockholm is our boat that will take us around the world

En tanke på “Tuamotos island Raroia”

  1. Hej Eva ❤️ underbara foto och wow vilken natur , jag försöker hänga med var i Stilla havet ni är när du skriver ! Jag undrade vad du tycker varit mest fantastiskt hittills och vart du skulle vilja åka tillbaka ? Är det Söderhavet eller Caribbean ? Ni har ju upplevt så otroligt många öar och fantastiska platser 🥰
    Igår var vi på 2-årskalas hos Maja, fullt ös med barn och vuxna och strålande väder ! Så mysigt att få träffa Elise och Johanna med barnen – lille Gustav var 1:a gången vi såg men han är inte så liten längre – en rund liten goding 😍
    Maja var helt i sitt esse med alla barn , presenter och bus – hon pratar för fullt men man förstår inte allt 😅
    Nu har Anne stängt och tömt Textilia , jag känner mig fortfarande slut i kroppen- men nu ska hon bara få ordning på alla papper , försöker sälja ut det sista av tygerna men redan nu börjar kunder skriva och ringa och fråga om gardiner , solskydd , beställningar 🤩
    Igår innan kalaset så var vi på IKEA och beställde alla skåp , vask och bänkskiva till tvättstugan , äntligen 🤩 och om några veckor kommer snickarna –
    Så roligt att följa er på blogg ib Fb – var rädda om er , hälsa Edgar
    Massor av kramar Bente ❤️

    Gillad av 1 person


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