Makemo island

It was a bit rolling night sail so we all sleepy little less then we hoped for. There was one that slept well on our boat. Luckily the bird found a nice spot that didn’t involved any cleaning up afterwards. Arriving to Makemo early morning and enjoying the sunrise.

Getting in to the opening of the atoll is always interesting with the current. Wait for it look what showed up when I was filming

We drop anchore at 6.30 , had some breakfast and then we all went to have a few hours sleep.

When we woke up VoyagerII was here.We got a ride in with Andrew to see if we could get some eggs and fresh vegetables. Unfortunately the shop was closed until 3 so no luck. Easter and no eggs… not good but what to do. We do have hearing with us and snaps.

We decide to join VogagerII to go towards the north entrens and stay there for the night. It was little longer than we thought and hard to see the coral heads when you have the sun front of you .

In the morning me and Chris went snorkling just in front of the boat. It was very nice with lovely colours of the corals and lots of fishes. By lunchtime we needed to leave to get the best passage out considering current and the tide . We had to stand and watch out for the coral heads again since they are not marked on the charts. Edgar us getting professional taking the boat in and out of the atolls with the current and tide.

The night is very ruff and we tried to avoid the squalls we saw on the radar.

Entering Fakarava the Sea is very ruff and lots of current . It needs full concentration of the captain.

Getting in to the atoll and it is calm again but bit rainy.

Hugs Eva

Författare: saphirafstockholm

Saphir af Stockholm is our boat that will take us around the world


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