Largs to Milford haven

After long weekend home seeing family and friends, been to Tuvalisa and David’s lovely wedding it was time to go back to Largs and continue our sailing.

In the afternoon our friends Linda,Kalle,Marita and Leif arrived. The boat got filled up with food, wine, and lots of laughter. Our first stop was going to Belfast so 07.55 we cast of heads south west. Still no wind so we had to go by motor. We arrived at Bangor Marina at 19 so we had a long day at sea. Luckily we had decided to stay two nights so we could explore the area a bit.

We was recommended to go to the Titanic museum in Belfast. It was only an hour away from the harbour with walking and train. The museum was very interesting and we also recommend to go when every you are in Belfast

Next leg was going to be a bit longer so we had a very early start. 04.55 we left the harbour and arrived at 19 in Holyhead. It is a hard life being on the sea for some of us. I didn’t feel very well so I stayed in bed most of the day. Got some fever and sour throat.

Holyhead Marina was destroyed by the storm Emma in 2018 so the Marina was under construction so no piers to tigh up to in stead we had to stay by a towboat buoy.

The next morning we needed some more food. So the gang went in the dinghy and rowed in to Holyhead in the rain and me and Edgar stayed in the boat.

In the afternoon we decided to cast of and headed out of the harbour. Me, Linda and Marita had put on scopoderm at lunch so we are prepaired for the ruff sea we have ahead of us. It was a very though night. High waves up to 3-4 meter. Edgar took most of the watch during night. Due to Kalle got really seasick and Leif was not felling so well either. Me and the girls was okey. The positive was that we all saw dolphins.

After 24 hours we arrived to Milford haven. It was very nice to touch ground again. Kia and Berra on Liana was greeting us welcome. I am still not hundred procent well and now Edgar started to shiver. He had got my cold. Linda Kalle Marita and Leif decided to leave us since we had to stay for a few days before we could go further down. They ended up in France for a few days before the went home to Sweden

I took care of the washing. It took me two whole days , but now everything is clean. Edgar fixed little with the boat and we had nice dinner guest over. One more day to relax and get ready for our next leg on the journey and make sure Edgar is better.

Hugs Eva

Oban/Kerrera to Largs

So I promised you a not so clean start…. During winter all our pipes to the toilets had been change to avoid any unpleasant smell. So why did we get a very unpleasant stinky smell in the cockpit. The tanks had been emptied several times… Time to investigate where the leka is. We found the reason behind our shower. The crane to empty the tank was not opened….. ( it has always been open every year without us doing anything) so our tank was overfilled and had started leaking. One more time we had to empty the storage in the cockpit and Edgar started to take the worst and then I went in to do the rest….. I can tell you it was not the best smell I had experienced…very glad that Edgar took the start

After that it was time to do drill holes for a new hanging hook for the dinghy. In the evening we went for dinner in the restaurant. The food is really good.

The morning after it was time to leave and go to the next harbour . The view is spectacular along and the tidewater very strong. At one place we had 3knots against us. We even saw a seal that had a fish in his mouth that a bird was very interested in. Need a better objective on the camera to get good shots. The weather changes all the time from sunshine to grey and fog.

Arriving at lovely Port Ellen on Islay. There w e had some nice days, relaxing , fixing, washing and walking around . One of the walks was to the Whiskey distillery Laphrough. There we found a nice one “quarter task“ but it was out of stock, but we got four small bottles in a box and one of them was quarter task.

Time to hoist the sail and get to our next harbour. It started very smooth and nice but after a while it got a bit rough when there was no island to give us some shelter from the Atlantic waves. This time the tidewater was even harder on us so it prolonged the trip with almost two hours. We had when it was as worst 5.5 knots against us.

Few days in Campbeltown, not much to explore. A very boring town. They did have a nice restaurant and a memorial place in memory of Lady Linda McChartny that we went to. I also made a pocket for Mobil, glasses and a book by the bin in guest cabins and Edgar did some small repair.

Next harbour is Tarbeta. Which is a cute little harbour village. Here we meet a nice couple who had sail all the way from Australia. Their boats name is Steel Saphir so it was a bit confusions in the harbour office. We had a nice walk up to the castle and on the way we past the inner part of the harbour where a little sailboat stood by it self without water.

Going to Largs was very short only 4 1/2 hours. This time no wind at all but very warm and sunny. And the view was very beautiful just as Pete from Steel Saphir told us.

Last thing sorted out and a new ladder for the boat and we are ready to go home to Stockholm for David and Tuvalisas wedding.

Now we leave the boat to Carina and Maria to watch it for us . Unfortunately we didn’t see each other since there flight was cancelled so they are at the boat when we land in Sweden .

Next update will be in like two weeks

Hugs Eva

Caledonien Canal from Inverness to Oban

This time there will be a lot of picture.

Lovely morning to start our trip trough the canal . The Caledonian Canal is a sister canal to the Swedish Göta Canal. Time to put on our headphones so we can speak easier to each other. It can be very noisy when the water fills in to the lock. The morning we start in shorts and t-shirt. At the end of the three days we had changed clothes several times and ended up in full rain clothes when we left Caledonian Canel.

The first day we went over Loch Ness to Fort Augustus where we stayed for the night. It was hard to only pick a few pictures so here comes a lot. We went through all kind of weathers sun, rain, wind, fog, warm and cold

The next morning we had to move and wait on the lake so a big cruiser could get past the entrance of the locks before we could start climbing again. This time it was 5 locks at the start. We went up three more before we started to go down. The stop for the night was on top of the Neptune staircases which have 8 locks. Luckily they are going down which is a bit easier then going up.

After a very rainy night we continued with a very rainy day and in between the sun came out as well. The eight locks took us two hour to go down and at the bottom we had to wait for more than an hour since the didn’t have anyone that could open the bridge so we could continue. The scenery around us is fantastic with the threes down to the water and hills looking like fluffy wavy green beds. Leaving the Caledonian Canal and heading to Oban we pass a narrow passage an are very lucky to get extra help from the tidewater. Getting to Oban Marina late hungry and happy that we have some days to relax and fix things on the boat. It is also time to thank Carina for joining us all the way from Henån to Oban. You made the trip much easier and also so much funnier. Specially the dance in the Neptunes Staircase. Maybe there is someone that has tagged us?

The next blogg will be a little shitty😉new problem to solve and clean

Hugs Eva

We saw Dolphines

It was a very rough start. With waves coming from two ways and they where approximately 1-2 meter no wind but sunny. Luckily me and Carina had prepared us with scopoderm plaster . They worked very well. Edgar don’t need them since he doesn’t get seasick if any wonder. It was a lovely sunset and sunrise on the sea.

After the second day we spotted some dolphins several times. But they are hard to catch on photo so a short movie was better.

We also saw a lot of oil rigs and they are even harder to take a photo of since we have to stay 2NM away from them.

Her are some pictures from the coastline in to Invernes.

All in all it took us 81 hours to go 500NM ( 962km) and of them we sail 24 hours due to wrong wind or no wind at all. This little fellow was curious how came in to the bay.

Having some internet problems but hope to solve them soon

Hugs Eva

Finally we are on our way

As we arrived to Henån and Orust yacht service they started to repair our boat and ordered spare parts that was broken. Everything didn’t arrive before Midsummer so we had to wait until late monday to get the generator to arrive. We left over the weekend to celebrare Midsummer in the archipelago

During the waiting days the weather was okey so I used the time in the harbour to do some sewing. It turn out to be very productive time. I made two table cloths, one apron of wax fabric, 3 covers for seat cushions, one cover for the anchor winch and one cover for our folded wagon.

Since we are going to be on the sea for 3 days I prepared dinner for us to just heat up and so did my cousine Carina which is our new crew member that will join us to Scotland.

Now we are leaving 10.55 on Tuesday 28 June

Here is the route plan

Hugs Eva

Turning back to Henån

We arrived to Arendal around lunch time. Me and the girls took a walk up to the city to get some things and stretch our legs. Back on the boat Edgar got an email from our insurance company. They told us to turn back to Henån to get everything repaired by Orust yacht service.

We had a dinner at the restaurant by the harbour before we cast off. It will be a long night….. 14-16 hours sailing across the Skagerrak.

Hugs Eva

We got help

Thursday morning Edgar email Orust yacht once again and at 8.30 we had help. This time it was a full day to fix everything so we have electricity in the boat. The result is that we had to get a new AIS (the equipment that make us see other boats and they can see us in our navigation plot) the charing of our battery is not working fully as it should also need some new things to our water maker to make it work again. These things will come later when we are in Stavanger we hope. Luckily they had an AIS in Henån so Edgar drove done to get it while the guy from Orust yacht continued fixing other things on the water maker. Now we will test and see what works and what don’t.

The weather was nice so me and Elise took a walk to the bathing cliffs and I took a dip (17degrees) It was not many gelly fish as the day before .

We had a very nice sunset befor an early bedtim due to an very early start to go to Kragerö in Norway. We left the harbour at 03.30 and it was calm . Coming out of the archipelago we got the wrong wind and sea from the side so quite rough. Happy that I could get back to bed and sleep.

Arrived to Kragerö/Morholmen at around lunchtime which means it took us 9hours to get there. Resting fixing sleeping dinner at Deborah and Magnus place. After brunch we went in to Kragerö for some shopping, Louise arrived from Stockholm in the afternoon. Pick up by Magnus brother and their mother that kindly took her to us since the bus connection didn’t wait for her. In the evening we had a lovely dinner at Morholmen together with some of the family and friend.

Hugs Eva

Not the best start!

The weather was nice, a bit cold but sunny and not so much wind so it was better to go by motor so we wouldn’t be to late in Lysekil. The sea was a bit rough for 15 min and that made some chaos in the boat. But it was easy to clean up.

I am not sure if it is a good idé to have Elise on board when we start our sailing. Every time she has join us from start something happens with the boat so also this time…. Or maybe it is good because we are close to the Henån service and can get help… so what happen ?? Arriving to Lysekil the bow thruster stop working. Edgar made sure that we didn’t have anything in our bow thruster with the help of our go pro and a stick. And as this was not enough, in the morning the engine didn’t start. Luckily one of the guys from Henån came up to help us. We started to prepare so he could get down in the front of the boat by emptying the storage space. That’s where you can get to the bow thrust engine on. Luckily it was an easy fix and we could continue our sailing

We sailed for a while but not when we went through Sotenäs Canal. A very narrow canal with a bridge that kindly open when we came

Almost at Bovaldstrand our electricity died….. nothing was working no light no navigation so we had to do it the old fashion way using charts… or Edgar used his ipad to navigate the last way. We got safe in to the harbour and are moored with electricity from land. and got electricity from land.

So let’s see what happens now. Hope to get some help tomorrow….

To be continued …

Hugs Eva