Marquesa island Tuahana and OaPua

Time to move on but first settled in our new crew member Chris how will join us all the way to Papeete . He and his lovely wife Anne together with Clause helped us true the Panama Canal. We had a great time on the boat all of us on the trip so looking forward to have Chris whit us to Tahiti

Our first stop was at Tahuata wich was only a few hours sailing from Hiva Oa. We anchored outside the village Vaitahu. Here was only two boats anchored when we arrived and none from ARC. This looked to be a very calm bay no rolling during day and night. Finally we hopefully will sleep a hole night without waking up due to that we roll around in our bed. It is hard to describe but this rolling don’t let your body rest totally. The body is always moving you try to build up pillows next to you or find a position that keeps you as still as possible. On top off that it is very warm so when I wake up I feel like a bulldozer have driven over me. After a swim in the Sea it fels better. I do can see a point of having a hammock to sleep in on a boat. Just berfore sunset came Cacciqui V in and anchored. We had them all over for a sun downer.

The day af we all went in to the water and continued to clean the hull. It took a wile and there was some kind of burning things in the water so I couldn’t stay in. Edgar and Chris finished the cleaning. After that we went in to town to have a look. Due to Edgars knee he didn’t want join on the walk around so he found a place in the shadow while me an Chris took a walk. We had a great walk and tried to find a sim card to Chris but no luck with that. It is fantastic here grows a lot of fruit wild like bananas, mangos, lemons and some that I don’t know what it is. In the Center of the city is the church located. A very beautiful building and so is the inside. Love the woodwork on the side door .

When we came back we found Edgar at one of the restaurant together with CassiqueV and Lonestare. We had a really nice lunch and top off that we got some live music as well. After that we went back to the boat to snorkel a bit. Not that much to see and sadly the water was not that clear as it looked at the dinghy dock. Clumsy me manage to sit done on the handle hit my tailbome very bad when I was going to put on my find to go snorkel. The pain was not that bad so I went snorkelling. Let see how it will go with that. It do hurt to sit if I get pressure on the tailbone.

In the afternoon we went back in to town to learn how to play petanque. Which is variant of boule game. This is a very popular game here.It didn’t go that well but it was fun.

Since we wanted to visit at least one more island we decided to night sail up to Oa Pou. First a quick stop in the next bay to watch the sunset from the beach and have dinner. We ended not going in to the beach since we didn’t trust the anchor.

After dinner we hoist the sails and together with lots of other boats we headed to Oa Poa. The wind was really good in the beginning but around midnight it was more or less gone and we only made 2 knots so the engine was on again for a while until we got some wind again.

The scenery is fantastic when we get closer to Oa Pou. These Volcano Marquesas island are astounding.

Once again we greeted by dolphins just outside the harbour

Here was quite few more boat anchored than last place, but we found a place behind the wave breaker. We have breakfast and then Edgar drives me and Chris to land. Edgar will stay in the boat while me and Chris explore the island together with Alex, Rebecca,Andy,Andy and Mario from CassiqueV. First we got Chris his SIM card and refill for us. We checked out the handicraft market. Many nice things and some quit expensive. They do know how to charge there things which is good .

A car is rented so Alex drives us around the island. First visit is the chocolate man and the next the waterfall. After an hour drive we are in the village where the chocolate man and waterfall is or both are a bit outside the village. Very please that we got a car and did not walk all the way which was a discussion first. We starts to walk but realice it is quite far away still and up the hills in the heat. Alex went back to get the car and the rest of us decides to walk slowly upwards. On the way up I found a mango three that is named Eva. No mangos to taste though. When Alex arrives the car is already quit full with the family from the boat Pachamama. So nice to see them. We all drives up to the chocolate man and looks at his place. Unfortunately he didn’t show us his working place but all of us bought some chocolate from him.

After that me, Chris and Rebecca walked the 2 km to the waterfall. Wow what a place. So fantastic and clear fresh water and very beautiful.

One of the Andy’s wanted to do a hike up the mountain so the rest of us took a drive down to the village and the harbour where Pachamama was anchored. On the way down we picked up The family on BlueSunshine that also was in the same bay as Pachamama. After that we continued to the next village to se if we could get something to eat and drink. After some help we found the store which was in small shelter on the owners ground. She invited us to have our drinks on her veranda. Once again we got music played for us.

On the way back we got some really heavy rain and we got soaking wet. But after rains come sunshine. We past the airport and the landing strip is seated in a valley . Just next to the sea.

Almost back we see that our boats is still laying safe in the bay. In the harbour there is a modern Tika that is a fishing man. Looks like he is very proude fisherman.

Hugs to all that read my blogg. So glad to get some feedback from you😘


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