Time to head north and checking out from one island and in on the next.

All is fixed on the boat and we head up to Sandy Island just outside Carriacou. Here we are not by our self lots of other boats. Best is that we dropped anchor and now I can jump in to the water from the boat. This is one thing that I have longed for. An other is to use my SUP board but that has to wait for a calm bay. Instead it is time to try our dinghy. It has only been in the water twice since we left Sweden. Once in Scotland and once in Spain and both times rowing. During this time it has been locked to the boat trough the hole sailing with all saltwater splashing on the lock. It was not only to unlock it and host the dinghy down. Edgar had to use our angel grinder, luckily we have extra looks with us. The dinghy is in the water and we head in to sandy island to have a swim.

Here we stayed for 2 nights just relaxing and enjoying sunset, swimming, reading, cooking and planning where to go next.

We decided to check out from Grenada an in to StVincent and the Grenadines. The island you see behind sandy island on the picture above is Union and is part of StVincent and the Grenadines. So not very far between the island. Time to move on and check out from Grenada. This can be done on Carriacou, so we decided to go in to Hillsborough on Carriacou. But they only had custome no immigration so we had to go down to Tyrell Bay. Drop anchor once more take the dinghy in and sit in a queue. While we where waiting, Micheal from Mary 1 came in as well to check out. They have very good food at the restaurant next to the custom and immigration office. Back in to the dinghy and sail up to Union to declare us in.

We got a buoy at the bay outside Clifton. Much easier and faster than put in anchor, specially when we get help with the lines. After that it is time to go in to land and declear us in. The office was closing so we had to walk to the airport…. Puah we thought until we realise that it was just around the corner. Took us less then 15 min to walk and no queue only one person checking in then us. All in all this was a full day and now it was time for dinner at the boat. We just got back in time before the sky opened up.

When it rains it rains really much but after that it is clear again and we had a magical sky. couldn’t decide which picture so here is a few

The next day was quite grew and rainy . We went in to town to get some money, fresh fruit,juice and soft drinks. Ended up with only money. The prices are ridiculous high. A medium size pineapple they wanted 14€ and a soft drink 33cl can 1.8€ and a litre juice cost from 4.5€.

It is 13 Dec and Lucia day in Sweden. So what’s better then to decorate the boat little, relax and do puzzle on the Ipad( tricky to have real puzzle on a boat that rolls a lot) while Edgar starts taking care of the lobster we bought. It was really good. We also follow our friends on Zelda that are on their way over the Atlantic with ARC. They are almost in St Lucia.

Next morning we head over to the island Mayreau. It was only 20 min away so very close . We ended up outside a very nice hotel which turned out to owned by a Swedish couple. They also have restaurants in Sweden. So next time we have to go to Falkenberg and Flipflop on the west cost . Not far from my hometown. We had a lovely day and evening with Marie and Kim from Northstar and Helena,Michael and Martin from Mary1. It seams like it is underwater currents in the bay since our boat is turned towards the other boats.

When we came back in the evening we saw that the other boats was very close to each other so Edgar went in the dinghy while I contacted our friends that was still at the restaurant. It was a bit dramatic but together in the dinghy’s the kept the boats apart and moved one off the boats to a buoy instead of anchoring.

Hugs Eva

Författare: saphirafstockholm

Saphir af Stockholm is our boat that will take us around the world

2 reaktioner till “Time to head north and checking out from one island and in on the next.”

  1. Wow sånt äventyr ni är ute på , underbara bilder och så roligt att läsa – vet inte om du har skrivit senare / men fick detta i min Mail idag den 2/1
    Roligt att följa eran resa –
    Vi har nu varit hemma i två veckor från vår Thailand resa – underbara dagar på Koh Chang -som vi längtar tillbaka till
    Var rädda om er – massor av kramar



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