Oban/Kerrera to Largs

So I promised you a not so clean start…. During winter all our pipes to the toilets had been change to avoid any unpleasant smell. So why did we get a very unpleasant stinky smell in the cockpit. The tanks had been emptied several times… Time to investigate where the leka is. We found the reason behind our shower. The crane to empty the tank was not opened….. ( it has always been open every year without us doing anything) so our tank was overfilled and had started leaking. One more time we had to empty the storage in the cockpit and Edgar started to take the worst and then I went in to do the rest….. I can tell you it was not the best smell I had experienced…very glad that Edgar took the start

After that it was time to do drill holes for a new hanging hook for the dinghy. In the evening we went for dinner in the restaurant. The food is really good.

The morning after it was time to leave and go to the next harbour . The view is spectacular along and the tidewater very strong. At one place we had 3knots against us. We even saw a seal that had a fish in his mouth that a bird was very interested in. Need a better objective on the camera to get good shots. The weather changes all the time from sunshine to grey and fog.

Arriving at lovely Port Ellen on Islay. There w e had some nice days, relaxing , fixing, washing and walking around . One of the walks was to the Whiskey distillery Laphrough. There we found a nice one “quarter task“ but it was out of stock, but we got four small bottles in a box and one of them was quarter task.

Time to hoist the sail and get to our next harbour. It started very smooth and nice but after a while it got a bit rough when there was no island to give us some shelter from the Atlantic waves. This time the tidewater was even harder on us so it prolonged the trip with almost two hours. We had when it was as worst 5.5 knots against us.

Few days in Campbeltown, not much to explore. A very boring town. They did have a nice restaurant and a memorial place in memory of Lady Linda McChartny that we went to. I also made a pocket for Mobil, glasses and a book by the bin in guest cabins and Edgar did some small repair.

Next harbour is Tarbeta. Which is a cute little harbour village. Here we meet a nice couple who had sail all the way from Australia. Their boats name is Steel Saphir so it was a bit confusions in the harbour office. We had a nice walk up to the castle and on the way we past the inner part of the harbour where a little sailboat stood by it self without water.

Going to Largs was very short only 4 1/2 hours. This time no wind at all but very warm and sunny. And the view was very beautiful just as Pete from Steel Saphir told us.

Last thing sorted out and a new ladder for the boat and we are ready to go home to Stockholm for David and Tuvalisas wedding.

Now we leave the boat to Carina and Maria to watch it for us . Unfortunately we didn’t see each other since there flight was cancelled so they are at the boat when we land in Sweden .

Next update will be in like two weeks

Hugs Eva

Författare: saphirafstockholm

Saphir af Stockholm is our boat that will take us around the world

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  1. En kompis till mig tillbringade ett läsår i Campbelltown som utbytesstudent när vi gick på gymnasiet! Om ni tyckte det var tråkigt, vad måste då inte en 17-åring ha tyckt…

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