Caledonien Canal from Inverness to Oban

This time there will be a lot of picture.

Lovely morning to start our trip trough the canal . The Caledonian Canal is a sister canal to the Swedish Göta Canal. Time to put on our headphones so we can speak easier to each other. It can be very noisy when the water fills in to the lock. The morning we start in shorts and t-shirt. At the end of the three days we had changed clothes several times and ended up in full rain clothes when we left Caledonian Canel.

The first day we went over Loch Ness to Fort Augustus where we stayed for the night. It was hard to only pick a few pictures so here comes a lot. We went through all kind of weathers sun, rain, wind, fog, warm and cold

The next morning we had to move and wait on the lake so a big cruiser could get past the entrance of the locks before we could start climbing again. This time it was 5 locks at the start. We went up three more before we started to go down. The stop for the night was on top of the Neptune staircases which have 8 locks. Luckily they are going down which is a bit easier then going up.

After a very rainy night we continued with a very rainy day and in between the sun came out as well. The eight locks took us two hour to go down and at the bottom we had to wait for more than an hour since the didn’t have anyone that could open the bridge so we could continue. The scenery around us is fantastic with the threes down to the water and hills looking like fluffy wavy green beds. Leaving the Caledonian Canal and heading to Oban we pass a narrow passage an are very lucky to get extra help from the tidewater. Getting to Oban Marina late hungry and happy that we have some days to relax and fix things on the boat. It is also time to thank Carina for joining us all the way from Henån to Oban. You made the trip much easier and also so much funnier. Specially the dance in the Neptunes Staircase. Maybe there is someone that has tagged us?

The next blogg will be a little shitty😉new problem to solve and clean

Hugs Eva

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Saphir af Stockholm is our boat that will take us around the world

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